What is the best baby stroller on the market?

When it comes to buying a stroller, there are hundreds of choices with the price tags high as a sky. Today I want to talk about my favorite ones that I personally own and use on the regular basis. When choosing my first stroller, I was looking for something I could use for my second child. My first and second children are 16 months apart. I am stroller maniac as I own 4 strollers but my favorite so far is Uppababy. I have two Uppababy strollers: Vista and G-Lux and I love them both. I like the Uppababy Vista for its functionality as I can transport three children and the stroller is definitely all terrain. I use to own 2013 model and really liked it. I sold it however as the second seat that could be added wasn’t the most comfortable and did not recline. The Uppababy G-Lux is an umbrella stroller that I use when traveling. If have a twins, you can look at G-Link which is a double umbrella. So, lets take a closer look at those two strollers.

Vista offers a smooth joyful ride and as I said it is ready for your family to expand. Just add a ┬árumble seat with a adapter and you are ready to stroll with two kids. But wait! Have third one like me? Ok, lets add piggy board so the little one will hop on and ride along. My son and my daughter love the piggy board. Also, the rumble seat reclines now and there is more room between two seats. When I assembled my stroller for the first time, I was kind of disappointed with the room between two seats. When both seats were forward facing, I couldn’t recline either seat. The trick is to add the upper adapter to the main seat so that the whole seat will rise and gain a gap between the other seat. The 2017 Uppababy Vista offers luxurious leather handle bar cover and improved sunshade. The stroller seams heavier however from my 2013 version, but according to the manufacturer it is 2 lbs lighter than 2015 version due to new tires. And I think what you gonna love the most about this stroller is the basket. Oh yeah this basket will fit your groceries for a week. I am not kidding. I would go grocery shopping all the time and would never bother to put my baby into grocery cart. I would just pop the car seat and click it on my Vista and off I go.

When my son was about one year old, we decided to go on vacation. All inclusive in Dominican Republic sounded like a dream for me: no cooking for one week! Whooohoo! But then I realized that my beloved Vista is just to heave to carry into a airplane and around the resort. I needed an umbrella stroller. But, I didn’t want any umbrella stroller, my must have was the fully reclining seat. I researched many brands and unfortunately there is only a hand full of strollers that have fully relining seats. This is really important if you planning to use an umbrella with a baby under 6 months old. you have too have FULLY RECLINING seat. And by fully reclining I mean 180 degrees recline or nearly that. G-Lux by Uppababy is really a nice stroller. I get complements on this stroller all the time despite the fact it is all dirty ­čÖé But it is easy to clean and easy to carry around. We were so glad we brought it on our trip. The baby was napping in it all the time. It was easy to carry it on the beach (you just raise the front wheels and pull it by the handle).

How to Travel for Free

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I love to travel. Travel was always my passion and I hope I will be able to see the world in this lifetime. Travelling this days can be really challenging financially especially when you travel with kids. I was always curious how my friend can afford travelling from Canada to Disneyland twice a year. Yes, twice a year! I used to have a coworker who would save for the trip to Disney for years, so I just couldn’t figure out how someone like my friend can afford two trips per year. She is obsessed with Disney by the way and yes she is in her thirties ­čÖé So, I asked her one day and I couldn’t believe how simple it was. Why I did not think about this before. She loves Disney, but this technique, I am going to share with you, will work for any destination. Can you imagine flying for free to Costa Rica?! As you may figure it out by now, I just LOVE┬áCosta Rica. Yes, the Pura Vida. What not to love about that country? People are amazing, food is delicious, weather is just perfect and the wild life is breathtaking. There are volcanoes, Ocean, rain forests, mountains… and the list goes on and on. This picture below is me and my husband on the beach in Costa Rica ­čÖé

Feli-260 - Copy

So, how do we travel for free? We collect Air miles. Is that simple. but wait, it is not all. The secret is how we collect them. I was always skeptical about this point programs because it takes forever to collect enough points for a fly ticket. However, the way she does it is just so clever and so brilliant.

The big secret is she always does her grocery based on bonus Air Miles the store offers on diferent items. I was laughing when she told me she bought a hundred of pickles jars just for the bonus Air Miles points. ┬áThat purchase gave her enough points to fly to Florida and pay for a week pass to Disneyland. So clever, right? She then donated the pickles to local food bank. Isn’t this a win-win situation? I have seen people of Facebook selling cans of beans and jars of pickles so I guess not everyone is donating the food, which is fine. You can definitely resell the items on your local Facebook group or Kijiji and get some money back.

The purchase of pickles costed about 180 dollars and earned enough points to fly from Canada to Florida and buy a pass to Disney. If she would buy the tickets, it would cost her over a thousand dollars.

So, next time you go grocery shopping, look for the blue Air Miles logo on the price tags. Just buy food and earn free vacation. How cool is that! Bon voyage!